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    Updated On: Apr 01, 2022

    CELEBRATING 33 YEARS - 1979 TO 2012


    With $500.00 seed money from Local 317 we held our first meeting at the Union Hall in November of 1979.  Contrary to what some may think, we are not governed by the Local.  Our by-laws were set up and approved by the office of the International Teamsters Retirees Department in Washington, DC.  However, we are given much support from the Local.  They give us a place to meet, mailing labels, and the unlimited help of the office staff, whenever we request it.

    MEMBERSHIP is open to all retired members of Local 317 and their spouses.  Yes, your mate is considered a member too.

    DUES are $15.00 annually.  Dues are pro-rated at the time you join.  Example: if you join in September, you pay $5.00.  Then the following January, you will pay the full $15.00.  All dues are to be paid no later than January 31st of each year.  If dues are not paid for two years you are automatically dropped from the roster.  Widows of retired members are considered as permanent (non dues paying) members.

    MEETINGS are held at the Union Hall at 2 pm, on the third Tuesday of each month, except for the June, July, August and December meetings.

    NEWSLETTER - as always, we welcome any newsworthy information that could be placed in our newsletter.  Feel free to email us at retirees@teamsterslocal317.org


    March         St. Patrick's Day Parade                      September              Labor Day Parade
    April            Pot Luck Dinner                                 October                  Pot Luck Dinner
                                                                              December              Christmas Party

    DONATIONS FROM OUR CLUB - At all our meetings members can place donations in a jar, this along with matching funds from the treasury is presented the Elmwood Interfaith Food Pantry at end of the year.  Also, a free will gift of canned goods or non-perishables, is brought to meetings by members for the food pantry to be delivered the very next day.

    If you are interesting in joining our organization click on the membership application below.


    Download: Retirees Application.pdf

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